The RCL will be composed of all the learners who meet the eligibility criteria and are democratically elected from each class in the school.

The RCL will be made up of the following structures:


RCL class representatives
in grades eight to eleven


House Captains in grade eleven.

The different houses are:

  • Tugela
  • Vaal
  • Caledon


RCL Executive Committee (EXCO)

Executive Committee Heads:

  • a Chairman
  • a Chairlady
  • Head of Academics; Male and/or Female
  • Head of Cultural; Male and/or Female
  • Head of Sport; Male and/or Female
  • a Secretary
  • a Treasurer

Aims Of The RCL

The general aims of the RCL shall be to:

  • build unity among learners in the school;
  • address the needs of all the learners in the school;
  • keep learners informed about events in the school and in the school community;
  • encourage good relationships within the school between learners and educators and between learners and non-teaching staff;


  1. I acknowledge the honour and privilege it is to be a member of the school’s representative council of learners
  2. I promise to abide by all the school rules and accept the authority of the principal and staff
  3. I promise that through my words, deeds and behaviour I will at times be an example to my fellow learners
  4. I promise to treat my fellow learners with respect, understanding, patience and dignity
  5. I promise to execute my duties to the best of my ability with responsibility
  6. I promise to honour and uphold the name of the school, fellow learners and teachers
  7. I promise when executing my duties to be honest and objective where friends are concerned
  8. I will at all times keep the motto of our school in mind and use my “initiative” to the benefit of our school
  9. I will accept the necessary disciplinary action of the principal and staff should I be negligent in fulfilling my duties.


As an elected member of the Carleton Jones High School RCL EXCO, you are expected to positively represent your family, the school and fulfil all your RCL duties and obligations. You will be an ambassador for excellence.

  • Adhere to the School’s Code of Conduct.
  • Assist any staff member in executing their duties.
  • Perform your specifically assigned duties.
  • Assist on parents/report nights.
  • Assist on sports days.
  • Attend all RCL training sessions/seminars.
  • Assist teachers with extra-mural activities.
  • Uphold the school’s reputation by not bringing it or yourself into disrepute (both at school and outside of it).
  • Assisting with Friday detention classes.
  • Inspire and lead the juniors in the school.
  • Any other reasonable requests from your RCL TLO.

You will be expected to enforce and comply with the School’s Code of Conduct. You will be disciplined if you transgress the School’s Code of Conduct or if you transgress any of the following three or more times:-

  • Disruptive behaviour in or outside of class.
  • Inappropriate uniform, hair, nails, accessories, shoes etc.
  • Late for class or duties.
  • Failure to perform your duties.

In order to ensure that you maintain a high academic standard, your status as an RCL will also be reviewed if you:-

  • Don’t have your books in class on three or more occasions.
  • Don’t do your homework on three or more occasions.
  • Don’t attend extended hour classes on three or more occasions.
  • Don’t maintain a passing average for each term.

As the following will bring the RCL into disrepute, you will be disciplined if you commit any of the following just once:

  • Inappropriate language, racist or sexist remarks.
  • Disobeying a legal and reasonable instruction from a staff member.
  • Gambling – including playing with cards.
  • Use of your cell phone between 07:30 and 14:00 on school grounds.
  • Cheating in an assessment.
  • Throwing eggs or any object at another person or structure.
  • Wetting fellow learners with the fire hoses/ taps or tampering with hoses /taps.
  • Detonating any and all forms of crackers or pyrotechnics or chemical devices.
  • Throwing water balloons and water-filled condoms.
  • Using stink bombs.
  • Smoking cigarettes or any tobacco-based product.
  • Drinking any form of alcohol or being intoxicated at school or outside of school.
  • Using any narcotic controlled substance, is defined as a drug.
  • Abuse of any uncontrolled substance.
  • Extortion or fraud.
  • Any behaviour that is intended to incite rebellion or sedition amongst learners.

Note that the abovementioned offences might occur at school or outside of school grounds. Depending on the severity of the transgression, you may be given an RCL and/or SGB disciplinary hearing. The sanction of the disciplinary panel (SGB and SMT / RCL) may include dismissal from the RCL body, forfeiting privileges anti-removal of the RCL badge and the learner body being informed of your transgression/s and sanction.

This advisory also serves to inform RCL members that the SGB and SMT reserve the right to deem other actions/behaviour not specifically mentioned above, as inappropriate and has the right to hold RCL members liable.



School Helpline for emergencies ONLY.
Report Abuse, Suicide, social-economic issues. Please provide your name and contact details in your message.

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