Test and Exam Rules

Test and Exam Rules

NB: The chief invigilator must read the instructions to candidates at the start of each examination session.


The following are the exam instructions that should  be read to candidates:

  1. You must always arrive on time for all your exam sessions, late comers will be locked out of the venue and will be allowed into the venue at the start of writing time and must sign the lockout register.
  2. You must always wear your mask for the duration of the examination and always maintain social distancing.
  3. Only in exceptional circumstances, you may be admitted to the examination room after the commencement of an examination, but not after 30 minutes have passed.
  4. You will not be allowed to leave the examination room within the first hour of the session. In an emergency, you will be allowed to leave the examination room under supervision.
  5. No explanation of examination questions may be asked for or given.
  6. Under no circumstances may you be allowed to remove either a used or an unused examination answer script from the examination room.
  7. As soon as you have handed in your examination answer scripts, you must leave the examination room as per the instruction of the invigilator.
  8. No recognition will be given to examination answer scripts or any other answer sheets that you omit to hand in immediately upon conclusion of the examination session.
  9. You must not assist another candidate or try to assist another candidate or communicate with anybody. Any questions should be directed to the invigilator.
  10. You may not create a disturbance in the examination room or behave in an improper or unseemly manner.
  11. You may not socialise once inside the exam centre.
  12. You may not disregard the instructions of the invigilator.
  13. You may not have a book, memorandum, notes, maps, photos or other documents or papers (including unused paper), or any other material, which may be of help to you in the examination, other than that which was provided to you by the invigilator, and your letter of admission or permit in your possession, while you are in the examination room.
  14. If you do not obey these instructions, you render yourself liable to suspension from current and future examinations, and the department may, in such an event, refuse to give you credit for other examination question papers written.
  15. All aids and answer books, as well as answer sheets issued to you, must be handed in before you leave the examination room.
  16. Any errata on a specific examination question paper will be read to you.
  17. You are allowed ten minutes of reading time of the examination question paper before the official commencement of the examination, during which time no writing of any kind may take place.
  18. You may not have electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods, earphones etc.
  19. It is also imperative that all learners MUST comply with the school rules as set out in the school code of conduct.
  20. You may not borrow any stationary or equipment from each other.
  21. When signing the register you confirm receipt and acceptance of these instructions.

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